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About us

PP Enterprises is a diversified operating company head quartered in Chandigarh .Its water company is a leader in providing innovative products and systems used nation wide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water .The promoters of PP Enterprises are in this industry since 1998 .We started as an importer of whole units of purifiers from USA and distributed them in the Indian market. We have grown to an appreciable level in R.O units & components.

PP Enterprises started importing domestic as well as commercial Reverse Osmosis- based mineral water plants in 2009. It also began to sell, install, and maintain these systems in the Indian local market. We have the coveted reputation of being the pioneers in introducing reverse osmosis based water purification systems in India. An ever-growing demand for pure drinking water, quality of our product and prompt after sales service took us to incorporateand and thus PP Enterprises was formed. The promoters of this company have a successful track record from diversified fields such as construction, building, finance, plastics, textiles, automobile dealerships, bulk-transport, and petrol pumps.

PP Enterprises is the first company dealing with RO systems to be Quality Management System, Manufacturing, Installation and After sales Service of Commercial & Industrial R.O. water treatment plants and Domestic R.O. water purifiers

QUALITY POLICY: PP Enterprises committed to achieve excellence in "Sales & Servicing of water purifiers." Though the process of continual improvement.

This responsibility and commitment is practiced and communicated by the top management through:

1. Ensuring professional standards and statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with
2. Implementation of a policy, which meets the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
3. Ensuring staff interact with customers for providing complete turnkey solutions and have successfully commissioned which meet their needs and expectations

RO Water and Your Food:
Water is essential for the cooking of food. If you are using normal saline water to cook food, your food will definitely need more spices. The cooked food will be dull in colour, using more inflammable energy. With the use of mineral water cooking, we save money, time, spices, and inflammable gases due to reduced cooking time.

RO Water and Your Skin and Hair
Water does an excellent job of beautifying the skin and hair from the outside as well as the inside. Water is used whenever we bathe, wash our hands or face, or shampoo our hair. For these purpose, the water we use should be soft. When hard water comes in contact with our skin, it leaves behind a white filmy residue which leads to redness and irritation of the skin. Hard water can leave behind minerals in the air that can alter its true color. When using hard water, one requires more soap while bathing. For this reason, it is always advisable to use soft. Shampooing with soft water leaves hair clean and smooth with a lustrous shine.